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Monday, February 25, 2008

Congratulations to AWAA families!

Today has been an exciting day for 2 families from our agency! The Steigers and the Coles had successful courtdates today! Be sure to check out the Steiger's blog to see the pictures of their adorable little girl!

Also, last week the Harbaugh family received referrals of a 4 year old girl and 4 month old baby boy! They have been waiting 9 months for a referral (requests for 2 children take longer that 1). We are so excited for them!

Ok, and this Saturday, there are several families traveling to Ethiopia. I will link their blogs (if they have one) so be sure to check them out starting this weekend!

It is so exciting to see how these families are coming together!

Hope you are all having a FABULOUS day!!!! :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Alabama...and back...or BUST

So a couple posts back, do you remember I mentioned how excited I was that my bestest friend is moving to Rogue River? Well, it seems like time has past so quickly, and she will be here on Monday!

She will spend probably 1/2 a day getting details ironed, then she & I are driving up to Portland. We are flying out Wednesday morning 2/27 for Birmingham, Alabama. We will be meeting up with some friends who will helping us load the U-Haul in Mississippi. After taking a trip to Houston to visit Melisma's family, we will be leaving early Sunday morning 3/02 to drive back to Rogue River! We plan on being back either Wednesday evening or Thursday at the latest.

I LOVE ROAD TRIPS! There is nothing better than a Road Trip with your bestest friend!
P.S. I will probably not have access to email or blogs for these days, but I will make to sure to catch up as soon as I get back!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ok, so I just looked at my counter, and as of today I have had 5,000 people look at my blog!!!!

This is TOTALLY keeping with my "5" theme!!! YEA!

Hello 5 Months ~ Here We Are!

As you can see, today, February 20th, 2008 is the 5 month mark for us. So I thought I would pay a tribute to the number 5:

My husband & I were married in the 5th month.

    We started our dossier for Ethiopia in the 5th month.

We like Mexican Food and Cinco De Mayo is the 5th day of the 5th month.

I have 5 fingers on my each of my hands.

I have 5 toes on each of my feet.

You can get a great cup of coffee at Starbucks for under $5.

It is 5:55 PM right now.

The number "5" is a good one! It feels great to be at the 5 month mark. It lets us know, we could be getting closer. We are continuing to trust in the Lord for His perfect timing!

Monday, February 18, 2008

An amazing video made by one of the families who recently picked up their son!

Get your tissue box before you push play!
Levi Jeremiah's Journey Home

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I must be dreaming!

I have to share something really exciting! My BESTEST friend in the WHOLE world just signed a 2 YEAR CONTRACT with the Providence Hospital 20 minutes away from me!!!!!!

Just had to share my excitement! :-)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Busy Week for our Agency!

This week was INCREDIBLE for our agency!

First of all, 2 families had successful courtdates on Wednesday! One of these families, the Wegners, are adopting a sibling group of 3!!! The Harpolds are officially parents of a little baby girl!

Secondly, according to the AWAA Weekly Update, 2 families received referrals! What is even more exciting is that one of the families, the Coens, are right in front of us for a baby boy! In fact, their Dossier traveled with ours to Ethiopia! Be sure to check the Coens' blog and watch their journey.

Lastly, there were 5 families that had court dates on Friday, 2/8. 4 of the 5 families made is successfully through court! It is SOOO exciting, as these families have been waiting for a courtdate since October 19th! The Treats, Treadwells, Rounces and McIlraths will be traveling the end of this month to pick up their children. Please remember to pray for the Steiger family as they are hoping for resolution to a minor paperwork issue for their little girl. We are praying that they get through court quickly so they can travel with the rest of the group.

So that is the exciting week for our agency! It is so exciting to watch as God places children into loving families We are hoping for even more exciting weeks of referrals and successful courtdates! Bring it on!

The Week We Have Had...

Ok, so this was supposed to a relatively quiet, uneventful week. After the last 2 weeks of vacation and our conference, I needed a week of catch up at work and at home. Besides that, I had just over 2 weeks before the Annual Business meeting at the church. I am responsible for the Annual report, which, according to our Bylaws, must be available 2 weeks prior to the meeting. That meant they needed to be done by Sunday (2/10).

Monday started off like normal, until I got a frantic call from Paul (who works from home on Mondays). He accidently ran his foot into my suitcase (I still hadn't unpacked...oops). Normally this would be no big deal, but almost a year ago Paul broke his foot. It was bad enough that he had to have surgery, screwing plates into the bones to help them heal correctly. Needless to say, his foot has never been the same.

He was concerned that the excrusiating pain meant that he had rebroken his foot. I rushed him to the doctor who did the surgery Monday afternoon. X-rays proved that everything was ok, but the concern was the constant pain the Paul has on a daily basis. After all, his feet have to carry a 6"7' man! By the time we left, we had a next day appointment for surgery to remove the hardware from Paul's foot! I couldn't believe it was happening so fast.

So now for the pictures:

So this the "Before" picture. My favorite part is the pretty blue hat!

This is the famous left foot. The black writing is the signature of Paul and the surgeon. They do this to ensure that they perform surgery on the correct foot.

After the surgery was done, the surgeon came out and handed me this bag containing the hardware that used to be in Paul's foot. It is not surprising that he was in pain! Oh, and the surgery only took about 20-30 minutes. Most of the time was spent going in and out of Anesthesia.

And here is the "After" picture. As you can see, he has been camped out on the couch since Tuesday afternoon. He is doing ok, but is getting pretty bored, especially since he isn't really supposed to do much for the next several days.

So that was my week! WOO-HOO crazy. Just thought I would share.



PS ~ Crazy enough, I actually did finish the Annual Report! Yea for me! :-)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week of Prayer and Fasting

This week is set aside by our church as a week of Prayer and Fasting. This is also the week that my AWAA Ethiopia Yahoo group has set aside for prayer, specifically for the October 19th families whose courtdates are February 8th.

Will you join with us in prayer this week?