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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nathaniel Meets Santa Clause

Tonight the City of Bayard had some fun activities for kids in town! Santa Clause came, there was a hayride in town and a soup supper with live music.

This is only the 2nd time in Nate's life that he has experienced meeting Santa Clause.

Waiting in line to see Santa. Getting really excited!

Having a hard time waiting his turn, so daddy distracted him with a ride on his shoulders.

Nate was a little insure at first...Santa was a little scary to him.

Warming up a little bit. When Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "An Apple". That's my boy! The great part is that there was an apple in his goodie bag that he got from Santa!

Finally feeling comfortable with Santa, Nate began telling him quite a story. It was all about how when he got older he was going to go to school.

Back home after seeing Santa, posing in front of our Christmas tree. Nathaniel has an obsession with putting his bare belly down on the cold floor. For some reason he thinks it is hilarious!

My sweet boy and the Veggie Tales nativity :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nate's Dance to Rockin Around the Christmas Tree!

My little boy LOVES to dance! When I ask him what he is doing he says, "Shaking my booty!" When I ask him where he learns it, he says "Ellen"! He LOVES to watch the Ellen show (mommy and daddy do too) and dances with her. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nate and the Presidents 0001

We finally got our son on video reciting all the Presidents of the United States! His obsession with Mt Rushmore led to his obsession with all the Presidents! Enjoy! I think my kid is rather smart! :-)