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Friday, January 29, 2010

Nathaniel's Very 1st Hair Cut!!!!

Today was the day we finally decided to get Nathaniel's hair cut. It was terribly overdue and yet we couldn't bring ourselves to get his hair cut because we love his little frow!!!

He look a little curious and confused, but was first....

As you can see with the look on Nate's face, this is about the time when he decided he was done with getting his hair cut.

I ended up letting him hold on and hug me while Terra (the brave hair stylist) continued to cut.

The change in his dimeanor was incredible when she was finished. He even asked her for a kiss...

...and then proceeded to kiss mommy and daddy, and blow kisses to the doggy outside! :-)

Instead of keeping just his first cut curl, I couldn't bring myself to part with ANY of his hair. I put it all in a baggy and stuffed it in this little box. :-) Forever a memory of my little bogger.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Moving to Nebraska

My lack of blogging over the last several months has a lot to do with some significant changes in our family. In October, Paul resigned from our church in Rogue River. It was a very scary and uncertain time, as we did not have a church we were going to.
After much prayer and stepping out in faith, Paul was voted into a church in Bayard, Nebraska the beginning of December! Here are some photos of our trip and the first week here.

Such a wonderful welcome to our new home and church!

Nathaniel on our first Sunday here! SO CUTE!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Nathaniel!!!! We love you!!!!

We were so blessed by family and friends to celebrate Nathaniel's 2nd Birthday!

Yep, Nathaniel is spoiled rotten!

Playing with his cousins.

Spitting on the cake...I mean blowing out his candle! :-)
Enjoying his cake.
We took over more than half of Abby's. What a wonderful night celebrating my baby boy!

Nathaniel's 2 year Doctor's Appointment

Weighing in at 36 lbs and measuring at 36 inches high, Nathaniel is officially off the charts for his age! Nate's doctor is extremely pleased with his growth and development. :-)

Here is Nate with daddy...right before his 4 shots. Poor kid!!!!