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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nathaniel Swims!

Nathaniel LOVES water and LOVES to swim!! We went out and bought a cheap 12 dollar kids pool last night and Nathaniel ENJOYED himself this afternoon! Be sure to watch the videos at the bottom of this post. They are hilarious!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our 11th Anniversary Trip to Mt Rushmore Part 5

The second night in SD, we chose to go back to watch the 9PM program at Mt Rushmore. We spent a little more time in Keystone first.

Even though I had tons of pictures from the day before, Paul insisted I take this one because it looks like George Washington is crying. :-) Is was stormy and raining so that probably explains it.

After the program, they illuminated the mountain. It was incredible! Pictures don't do it justice (especially with a camera that doesn't do night pictures well).

We had such a wonderful time and were so glad we could share this piece of America history with Nathaniel at such a young age.

Our 11th Anniversary Trip to Mt Rushmore Part 4

Hanging out at Dinosaur Park in Rapid City.

Nathaniel has officially become obsessed with Dinosaurs. When we left the park, he kept saying, "I miss dinosaurs." He also continued to ask to go back to the dinosaur park constantly once we left.

Our 11th Anniversary Trip to Mt Rushmore Part 3

My boys and the Presidents

Mommy and Nate

I love my family :-)
Nathaniel became really attached to the Presidents on Mt Rushmore and all the way to the hotel he kept saying, "I miss the Presidents (sounds like 'Pants')"!
Mt Rushmore would be even better with little Nathaniel's cute face carved in the mountain! :-)

Our 11th Anniversary Trip to Mt Rushmore Part 2

Welcome to South Dakota!

We were so excited to go to the Flintstones Bed Rock City...only to find out it was closed. :-(

Although Paul & I were upset it was closed, Nathaniel seemed to enjoy the little stuff outside the gates. He is such an easy going kid.

I have seen the pictures and heard how amazing it is, but nothing could have prepared me for seeing Mt Rushmore with my own eyes. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Our 11th Anniversary Trip to Mt Rushmore Part 1

For our 11th anniversary, Paul & I decided it would be fun to do something we had never done before. A few months ago, we discovered that Mt Rushmore was a short 3 hour drive from where we live! Neither of us have ever been before so we made the plan!

Here is our trip in pictures:

We started off driving through Alliance, NE to see Carhenge.

My boys standing under Paul's favorite truck. :-)

Mommy and her son

Our family...and a dinosaur LOL
Just down the road from Carhenge we saw this. We actually turned around to go back for a picture!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catching up...

It has been several busy weeks since my last post. Here is an update in photos...

One of my new favorite pictures. I bought this hat on clearance cause I thought it would be cute on him! I think I was right *pat on the back for mommy*

Nathaniel's very first dentist appointment. The dentist gave him rave reviews! It may have something to do with the Veggie Tales toothbrush that plays music for 2 minutes so that he brushes his teeth for 2 minutes every time. We have made it a game and he LOVES it!

Skype-ing with Auntie Heather and Grandma Amen for Mother's Day! So much fun!!!! This was our view.

Courtesy of my brother-in-law, Alvin, here is their view.

Just a spontaneous photo I took tonight...seriously? Isn't he the cutest little boy on the planet?!?!?!