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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nathaniel's 1st Day of Preschool!!!

Outside our front door with our shadows next to him. I really like how this turned out!
Meeting his teacher for the first time

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Have so much to catch up on...

So it was been way too long since I updated my blog. I promise to catch up for the time missed (we have had a lot going on), but in the meantime, let me introduce to you my new nephew, Alvin IV, born April 15th, 2011.

My sister and the adorable Baby Alvin

Nathaniel and Baby Alvin, or "Ice Cream" as Nathaniel calls him!

Me and the boys!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Celebrating my 33rd Birthday in Pictures!

Me and my little man out for lunch on my birthday

I LOVE DQ Ice cream cakes

Nate wanted a picture with the cake! :-)

My mommy sent me "A Party in a Box"!

Having a party!
Nathaniel trying REALLY hard to blow!

Chewy even joined in on the party (I'm not sure if he liked it though) :-)

He finally got it to work!

The beautiful flowers my mom sent me!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday - I love my family!

Easter Sunday is an early busy morning for the Wests. It starts with Sunrise service at 7am followed by a potluck breakfast, then our regular service at 10am. Paul does an afternoon service for the nursing home once a month as well, and it just happened to land on Easter Sunday to add more to the madness!

He is SOOOO handsome!!! I couldn't get over how incredible he looked in his Easter outfit!

Excited about opening his Easter baskets/boxes from the Grandparents. It was so special for Nathaniel to receive boxes in the mail for Easter!

Looking at the card from Poppa Goodell

Poppa Goodell sent Nate a solid chocolate Easter basket with all kinds of yummy treats!!!

Nate's first piece of candy on Easter. :-)

Opening an Easter bag from Papa & G-G in Oregon.

He really loved his little school bus.

Opening the box sent by Grandma Amen.

Showing all the goodies. We watched the new Veggie Tales Easter movie in between services! It was so cute! :-)

Our annual Easter family picture. I LOVE my little family!!!

Easter Saturday - the Egg Hunts :-)

Saturday was the Bayard Community Easter Egg Hunt! We really enjoy it and Nate gets excited because they don't put candy in the eggs they put money! His favorite part is putting the coins in his piggy bank.

Last year was Nate's very first hunt, so I was kind of expecting him to be an "old pro"...that is not exactly what happened...

Here is Nate waiting for the fire truck to sound the siren.

When the siren finally sounded, Nate took off running around! He bypassed at least 15 eggs and just ran!!! Paul had to remind him to pick up some eggs...he only ended up with 3 but he sure had fun!! :-)

He is heading back to show us his eggs. 2 green and 1 orange. He really just wanted green but he settled for the orange ones too.

We decided that because of Nate's confusion with the egg hunt, we held our own egg hunt in our back yard to "practice". While he napped, I collected every quarter I could find and filled as many plastic eggs as I could.

We also had confetti eggs that I lovingly cracked over my son's head...

...then he cracked one over daddy's head...

...mommy's head...

...and, of course we couldn't leave Chewy out!! :-)

Nate was very proud of his loot! He wanted to show everyone that Abe Lincoln was on this money.

Loading up his piggy bank!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nathaniel's First Day of Preschool!!!!

Happy 1st day of Preschool!!!!

Time to get up!

Very excited to go!

Out in front of the preschool

Distracted by a book about trains so I can leave to go to work. :-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Love Coffee Adoption Fundraiser!

We have a great opportunity for family and friends to support our adoption while enjoying DELICIOUS coffee!

An organization called Just Love Coffee is owned by a fellow adoptive family. It is a simple way to raise funds for our adoption expenses.

Please visit and check out what products are available. I have also added a link on the right side that you can click on. Be sure that you see "West Adoption" across the front to ensure that we receive the credit.

Here are the proceeds that we receive based on your purchase:

Coffee: $5.00 each
  • T-Shirt: $5.00 each

  • Travel Mug: $3.00 each

  • Tote Bag: $3.00 each

  • Hat: $3.00 each

  • Coffee Scoop: $1.00 each

Thank you all in advance for your help!!!

Just For Fun...

Nathaniel was pretending that my hair was his own today in church. I decided to capture the moment on camera!!!! I have already had other's comment that he looks like Tina Turner!!!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Nate & Mommy Go To Washington (Catching up - February)

Nathaniel & I went traveled to Washington to throw my sister a Baby Shower! It was such a wonderful time and Nate was such a trooper with all the traveling!

This was Nate's first time on a plane since we brought him home at 5 months! He LOVED being on the airplane, and he captured the hearts and attention of the flight attendants and other travelers quickly!!!

Nate often pulled out the safety information and "read" it to me! :-)

Nate & I got to visit with Angie, a dear friend from college. It was SO good to catch up!

Nate with Auntie Heather and Uncle Alvin! My sissy is glowing! :-)

Nate & Papa Goodell

Nate telling Papa something very important.

Nate & Uncle Alvin

Nate & Jim

Nate loved going to the kids program at my mom's church. He made this craft and wore it proud! :-)

Nate's first Krispy Kreme

Visiting Grandma Amen at work
Umm, is it just me or does Nate's legs look incredibly long in this picture?

Nate & Papa Goodell at Red Robin.

Grandma & Clare celebrating Clare's birthday

Mommy & Son

The night before we left, right after Heather's Shower, we spent time hanging out at Starbucks. We had such a good time visiting, and it was so hard to say good bye...