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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Saturday - the Egg Hunts :-)

Saturday was the Bayard Community Easter Egg Hunt! We really enjoy it and Nate gets excited because they don't put candy in the eggs they put money! His favorite part is putting the coins in his piggy bank.

Last year was Nate's very first hunt, so I was kind of expecting him to be an "old pro"...that is not exactly what happened...

Here is Nate waiting for the fire truck to sound the siren.

When the siren finally sounded, Nate took off running around! He bypassed at least 15 eggs and just ran!!! Paul had to remind him to pick up some eggs...he only ended up with 3 but he sure had fun!! :-)

He is heading back to show us his eggs. 2 green and 1 orange. He really just wanted green but he settled for the orange ones too.

We decided that because of Nate's confusion with the egg hunt, we held our own egg hunt in our back yard to "practice". While he napped, I collected every quarter I could find and filled as many plastic eggs as I could.

We also had confetti eggs that I lovingly cracked over my son's head...

...then he cracked one over daddy's head...

...mommy's head...

...and, of course we couldn't leave Chewy out!! :-)

Nate was very proud of his loot! He wanted to show everyone that Abe Lincoln was on this money.

Loading up his piggy bank!

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