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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nathaniel likes to cook :-)

Yesterday, I was chopping vegetables in preparation of wrapping lumpia, Nathaniel really enjoyed watching! He thought my chopping was just for him to dance to. :-)

Catching up

Wow I didn't realize how much time passed since my last post! I guess that is what happens when you start a new job ;-). I have been training for the last several weeks so when I get home at night, I try to enjoy my little family before Nate goes to bed. Needless to say we are all going through an adjustment period.

We all were so excited to celebrate Nate's best friend's 1st birthday! Sawyer turned 1 year old this month! Exactly 1 year ago all three of us had the priviledge of visiting baby Sawyer and his new parents in the hospital the day he was born. Now Nathaniel and Sawyer play together a lot!

Sawyer's birthday was a cowboy theme held in a barn! It was awesome! Here is the cake made by Sawyer's aunt. She did amazing!

Sawyer got to eat the whole top! Lucky kid! :-)

There were horses (Nate was a little unsure of who he felt about the horse)...
...and bunnies...
...and pin the tail on the donkey... ...and saddles! It was such a fun party!

Monday, July 6, 2009

More 4tf of July Pictures

Grandma sent a special 4th of July care package! Nathaniel looks so cute in the stripes! :-)

Daddy was working on getting him to smile...I had just given him a bath, it was bed time, so he was starting to get a little grumpy.

Nathaniel finally couldn't handle it anymore. He was saying and using his sign language to say "All Done". I just LOVE his "boo-boo" face. I just want to squeeze him and kiss him.
We record the Gospel Music station when they have Christian Music videos. We have watched them so many times that Nathaniel has his "favorites". He dances and sings along to the music. This is his ALL TIME favorite song by Israel.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July -- Morning pictures

I decided to try something new this morning...I made Red, White and Blueberry pancakes!
Nathaniel loves it...well, mostly the fruit and just nibbled on a little of the pancake.
Nate sporting his special 4th of July shirt from Old Navy...a family tradition.
Ah, yes. Nathaniel got stuck in his little toy corner. Poor kid was really upset, and I took the time to grab the camera again.