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Monday, July 6, 2009

More 4tf of July Pictures

Grandma sent a special 4th of July care package! Nathaniel looks so cute in the stripes! :-)

Daddy was working on getting him to smile...I had just given him a bath, it was bed time, so he was starting to get a little grumpy.

Nathaniel finally couldn't handle it anymore. He was saying and using his sign language to say "All Done". I just LOVE his "boo-boo" face. I just want to squeeze him and kiss him.
We record the Gospel Music station when they have Christian Music videos. We have watched them so many times that Nathaniel has his "favorites". He dances and sings along to the music. This is his ALL TIME favorite song by Israel.

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krg said...

okay the red white and blue outfit is adorable and quite funny!! Good luck on your new job.