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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

T-Minus 6 days until....

...MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!!!

I am SOOOO excited, I can hardly stand it!! My mom flies in on Wednesday, December 19th (the plane lands around midnight) and she is here until Christmas Eve!

I know alot of people say they have the best mom in the world, but I KNOW I DO!!! My momma could beat up your momma anyday! (I wish you could hear the attitude behind my voice and the finger snap!) :-) I'm just kidding...she is way too nice to beat anyone up. :-)

Anyway, just thought I would share my excitement!
Love ya all!


Carpenters said...

Oh, I'm excited for you! Moms are so great! There are things you can do with moms that just aren't the same with anyone else!

With love,

Jen said...

Christmas is so much merrier when we can be around the ones we love. So glad you get to see your mom!!

Cheers to girly chats, fun shopping, coffee (or cocoa) together,all the mother daughter stuff you'll get to do!!