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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nathaniel's Bath and Bed Time

One of my special times I have with Nathaniel is bath time. He loves the water and enjoys splashing me! :-) I usually look like I have just showered after bathing him. I also take this time to SUPER oil his skin with organic Coconut oil. His skin is really dry and keeping it well moisturized could almost be my full-time job. :-) Enjoy the pictures (FYI the warmth of the bathroom and tub fogged up my camera so the pictures are a little blurry).
Nathaniel has almost out grown his "ducky bath". It will be sad when he can't use it anymore. He always laughs when I squeeze the ducks nose and make it quack.
He's so cute when he's all soapy!

All oiled, in a Huggies Overnight diaper (100% leak through of regular Huggies diaper vs. 25% leak through of Huggies Overnight diapers), and the cutest pj's in the world. He is such a cute little boy...I'm not biased at all. :-)

In daddy's arm on the way to bed. Goodnight, sweet boy.


shawn and tisha said...

Those duckie baths are cute. I love your little guy's jammies! He looks so cute in them. :)

Kari:) said...

He is soooo adorable in his jammies:)) I love the duck tub...we never saw that one at Target. Zoie would have loved it. LOL
She's in the big tub right now...actually, swimming with all her toys.
I still can't believe how close in age our sweeties are.
What is his b-day again?
love you lots!!

The Gillman Family said...

We had the ducky bath tub for Jenna and she loved it. We were sad to stop using it :(

Thanks for sharing Nathaniel with the rest of us. I enjoy keeping up with you all!