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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amazingly Blessed

Not only was Friday, May 29th our 10 year anniversary, but it was also the very first time that Paul & I have had to buy diapers for Nathaniel!

Back in August of 2008, our family threw us an Adoption Shower, and encouraged people to bring size 3 or 4 diapers. We are currently on our last small package of 4's, and still have a package of size 6 in the garage! :-) As you can see, we have decided to go to size 5 since Nathaniel weighs over 30 lbs. We discovered that when his weighs more than 1/2 of the weight limit, the diapers start to be a little tight and don't hold as much. :-)

The Adoption shower was an incredible blessing and and amazing outpouring of love to Paul, me and Nathaniel. We are truly blessed!


tisha said...

Wow! How great that this was the first time you had to get diapers!

Susan said...

That is AMAZING!