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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teaching him young

This past Tuesday, we had an early Turkey dinner because my nephew (my sis-in-law's step son) is leaving for Boot Camp and he will be missing the holidays with our family. I decided Nathaniel was old enough to begin a VERY important tradition involving black olives. Now he will know what to do with Thanksgiving comes around! :-)

Nate thought it was pretty funny that mama was eating his fingers! :-)

He wouldn't eat the olives off of his own fingers, but he ate them off of mine...he bit me pretty hard! :-)
I love this picture. There is so much expression in his face.


Kari said...

Hey Holly,
I love the new pics of sweet boy:)) I wanted to share with you our new adoption blog... please feel free to add to your roll. It will update daily for you:)
Wish like crazy you were coming to the reunion.

tisha said...

He looks so cute with the olives on his fingers. :)