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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nathaniel's 3rd Birthday Celebration

We really had a great time celebrating Nate's 3rd Birthday, yesterday and today!

Yesterday, we first asked where he wanted to go to lunch. We assumed the answer would be McDonalds, but were pleasantly surprised when he said Taco Johns!

Nate loves the potatoes!

After lunch, we asked him where he wanted to go. He said "Kmart". I am not sure why, but my little boy LOVES Kmart! We decided we would let him choose 1 toy. We made a line of all the toys he said he likes and let him choose 1. He chose a Tonka garbage truck that he can carry around his little Tonkas in. He is all boy! :-)

After picking up his cupcake birthday cake, Nate took a short nap (key word: short) in the car on the way home. We just got home when Estille from church knocked on the door with a birthday gift for Nate. She made him a huge blanket in bright colors. It is so beautiful! Nate was so excited about it.

I made Nate's favorite for dinner. He loves meatloaf (with ground turkey), mashed potatoes and green beans.

After dinner he opened presents and cards from us and from our family that sent them in the mail. Then it was bath and night-night time.

Today after church, we invited the church to join us for cupcakes in honor of Nate's birthday. It was wonderful to celebrate with our church family.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Nathaniel!

Blowing out the candle (he only spit a little!)

He face is saying "Don't touch my cupcake!"

Everyday I am reminded what an awesome priviledge and blessing it is to be Nathaniel's mommy! We love you!

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