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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Holly and I Am A Blog Slacker...

So I have been home from my Road trip for over a week, and yet this is my first blog entry. Please forgive my slacking bloggerness. :-)

So our Road Trip was fun and successful. There is nothing like driving a 22-foot diesel moving truck across the country with your best friend! We had a wonderful time!
Inserting pictures here: This is the monsterous truck we affectionatly named Obi-Wan Kenobi, or "Obi" for short.

Yes, that is 22-feet of moving truck craziness.

This was the AMAZING group of movers and shakers that loaded the truck for Melisma in Jackson, Mississippi. They really are more like family...

Our last stop, was Melisma's Great-Aunt's house in Garden Grove, CA. Melisma's Grandma was visiting from the Philippines and she hasn't seen her for years. (Left to right: Melisma, Grandma, Great-Aunt, Cousin Vivian).

So yes, this is me in the happiest place on earth! Melisma's Great Aunt retired from Disneyland and has a VIP pass to get up to 3 people in for FREE!!! We got to take a break from driving and spend the day at Disneyland, and then went back to the house for some yummy Filipino food!

It is so good to be home, but life has been crazier than ever since coming back. I am finally feeling like a human for the first time!


Rev. Paul B. West said...

My wife is very silly...bloggerness is not a word...and I never realized you didn't feel human...what about your trip or returning home helped you feel that oh so coveted human feeling? I know I'm glad your back no more wifey be gone EVER!

Rob & Candy said...

Holly- welcome back! It was great to read your adventure across country.