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Monday, March 31, 2008

I DO NOT *heart* the Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor!

So I don't enjoy the doctor's office much, but today was one of those don't-ever-wanna-go-to-the-doctor-ever-again kind of visits.

I have had 3 sinus infections since the beginning of 2008 and horrible nose bleeds. So my regular doctor referred me to the ENT.

I just expected a routine exam, possibly an antibiotic and a "game plan" of what to do next or even a clean bill of health...THIS ISN'T WHAT I GOT!!!

So the nurse sprayed 2 different not-so-fun liquids in my nose to numb it and brought in the scope the ENT doctor was going to use to look inside. It was no wonder my blood pressure was unusually high. I think the scope was as long as my husband's 6'7" leg! And this was supposed to be put in my nose?!?!?! (Sorry for the TMI)

Despite the title of this post, my ENT doctor and everyone in the office were extremely kind. It was discovered that I have a deviated septum (which I am not taking care of at this time because it is not affecting my breathing, and everyone I know who has had this corrected was worse off). The Doctor also cauterized my nose (more painful than I remember) and prescribed a stronger antibiotic that I have to take for 2 full weeks. In 1 month I go back for for a CT scan of my sinuses.

I guess you can say that I got my monies worth today, but my head is pretty uncomfortable. Oh well, that's a Monday for you!


Debbie Gatch said...

There's this great stuff called Collodial Silver - I get it at my health food store. Haven't had to use an antibiotic since I started using it.

I give it to everyone 2-3 times a week, just as an immune booster. If we've got "bugs" going 'round, we up the dosage.

Eric Plummer said...

gross, poor Holly nose! My aunt had her nose cauterized she's not had any problems since.

Hopefully you'll get that clean bill of health soon!

shawn and tisha said...

That sounds aweful! I hope you feel better soon. :)