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Friday, April 4, 2008

Updates from the Transition Home do a Mama's heart good!

I found out Thursday morning that the bi-weekly updates from the Transition home were gonna happen today!!!!! Needless to say, the first thing I did when I woke up was check my email. What did I find? 3 MORE PICTURES!!!!

OK, so this little boy has stolen my heart. I melted when I saw his picture, and I will never be the same!

Our little was described as "...a delight! He is easy to make smile, and is a happy and content baby. His eating, sleeping, and bowel movements are all normal. He has beautiful brown skin and loves to be held!"

It was extremely encouraging to hear that he was examined by an American doctor on 3/15/08. Here is what the doctor said: " is completely healthy and has a normal development. The only issue is that he has a bigger than usual soft spot. The transition home nurse took him for an ultrasound, which showed no abnormalities. This is of no concern and it can take up to 15 months for a baby’s soft spot to close up."

We have been flying today with the pictures and good news!

In other news, I have finished painting and organizing the baby's room (pictures to come). My dad has been here since yesterday, (drove down from Washington) and he took us shopping for "supplies" for his grandson! It was so much fun! We now have a high chair, a stroller and a playpen, plus diapers and 3 new outfits! It was so much fun to put together (pictures to come).

Happy weekend to y'all!


Jill Coen said...

Holly, this is so exciting!! Can't wait to see the pictures of your progress! The TH updates are a true gift...they have really helped us in the wait. Any word of a court date for ya'll?

Apryl said...

I love getting the updates! I just spent the morning trying to sort through baby clothes to see what we need to buy--that makes it seem SO real! Any chance you guys might *squeeze* into court with us on Friday?

Rob & Candy said...

I love it! We are so excited for you.

shawn and tisha said...

I am so glad the transitional home is giving these updates to families as you wait. It must be so exciting to see the new pictures!
Sounds like your little one is a sweet and healthy baby. :)

D & A said...

What a great post. I can not wait to see your little love bug too. Many blessings as you get ready.
Amy M from AWAA