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Friday, April 18, 2008

Transition Home Updates!

Every other Friday we get updates from the Transition Home about our little Nathaniel!

We got another BEAUTIFUL picture of him (which I will show after our May 5th court date) and a short little paragraph:
"*Nathaniel is getting cuter and cuter all the time! (Not sure if that is even possible!) He is very alert, engaging, and makes great eye contact. He can locate sounds by turning his head in that particular direction. He continues to be very healthy and happy!"

*Name changed by me because of confidentiality reasons.

In other news, the AWAA program director left for Ethiopia today, and will be traveling in Ethiopia and Rwanda until mid-May. They are hoping to establish and strengthen relationships so they continue serving orphans in Africa. They will also be working with the in country staff to find ways to better the program as it grows larger.

I get excited thinking about the fact that Duni will get to meet our little Nathaniel! I so wish I was there right now getting to kiss his chubby little cheeks!

Happy weekend!


Carpenters said...

Holly, I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see the pictures.

With love,

shawn and tisha said...

It's so exciting that you're getting these updates! Nathaniel sounds so sweet. :)

Eric Plummer said...

Oh my gosh we're so excited for you! Do you have any photos?????????
Love you guys!