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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Holly's Owie got worse...

Ok, so back on Tuesday, I posted about my shots that I got for travel? I had to update my 10 year Tetnus booster (last one was in 1998 when I went on a mission trip to Romania) that includes a vaccine for Pertussis. I thought everything was fine, and it didn't even hurt much....until Wednesday.

I woke up in pretty severe pain in my right arm (I am left handed so they chose my right arm). As the day progressed it got worse and by the evening I was running a temp of over 101 degrees. I was a little nervous about it, but by Thursday afternoon the temperature went away, but the injection sight was red and swelling quite a bit. It just kept getting bigger and bigger...

Paul took me to urgent care yesterday (Friday) to have them check it out. The doctor said it looks like I am having an allergic reaction to an element in the vaccine. So now I am taking low dose Pretnezone for 5 days and Benedryl. I can already tell a difference.

...I still think Nathaniel is MORE than worth it!


Debbie Gatch said...

Of course he is.

One week left until the court date. Praying daily for you.

Andrea said...

Oh Gosh, I hope that you are feeling better! I would chalk it up to just a little more of the birthing process. :)

How are your preparations going? I see all the great clothes you have cute! We need to request the money from our banks and get our passport photos yet. We should be e-mailing each other over the next few weeks so we can help one another!