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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bye-bye Pacifier and Hello Big-Boy Crib!

So we fought and won (I think) our first battle with Nathaniel this week. After many sleepless nights of waking up to replace the pacifier that Nathaniel spit out or lost, I decided it was time to no longer offer the pacifier. You see, Nathaniel is sleeping in the bassinett (in the Pack-N-Play) in our bedroom.

Let me break down how the "Great Pacifier Battle" was fought and won:

Night #1, ummm....we won't talk about that.
Night #2, a little better than night #1...but that isn't saying much...
Night #3, about the same as night #2.

I am a light sleeper and Paul is a DEEP sleeper. Because I was doing the up and down (Paul didn't wake up to the cries) I thought it was time to move Nathaniel into HIS room to sleep in the crib.

Even though I was convinced I would get good sleep with this move, it was difficult since it would be the first time without him in our room. :-(

Night #4: My sadness of having Nathaniel in our room was quickly diminished when we ALL slept VERY WELL through the night! Oh what joy!!! And the pacifier is forgotten! YIPPEE!!

Nathaniel in his "Big-Boy Crib"! He is growing up so fast! :-) :-(

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you could always use paci-plushies so he could replace his pacifier by himself at night.