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Monday, July 21, 2008

Nathaniel Eats His First Vegetable!

Umm, so I guess my son eats sweet potatoes and makes the face like he is eating a lemon?! SO SILLY! :-)


Andrea said...

This is GREAT!!!! He looks like he is doing so well!! I miss you guys and glad to see things are going great.


D & A said...

He is so cute. I love all the photos here on your blog.

Amy M.

Carpenters said...

That is so silly! Every time that Alexandra would try a new food, she would give us a "yuck" face, even when she liked it. I only know she likes it if she opens again.

Paul, I hadn't caught on to the whole video sideways thing and have a few from our first days in Ethiopia that you have to cock your head to view. I think I've finally caught on.

With Love,

Eric Plummer said...

oh my gosh that's funny!