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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nathaniel Goes To The Fair

One of my favorite past times as a kid was going to the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup. Althought Southern Oregon fairs are not close to the size and excitement, I always look forward to going.

This year, for the first time, we decided to go to the Jackson County Fair. I was so excited to take Nathaniel to see the animals! It was a VERY hot day...but we still had fun!!

Me, Melisma & Nathaniel trying on Sunglasses

Nathaniel just trying to keep cool

Paul introducing Nathaniel to his very first Elephant Ear. Nathaniel isn't quite sure what to think about it...

Nathaniel can't wait to sink his soon-to-come teeth into this!

Nathaniel meet cow, cow meet Nathaniel.

Nathaniel meet pig, pig meet Nathaniel.


Rob & Candy said...

Holly- Nathaniel looks like he is gaining wait. He is sooo handsome. I love the fair too. Igor went to his first fair last year. We had a blast.

Rob & Candy said...

opps- I meant - WEIGHT not wait!

shawn and tisha said...

Fairs are so much fun!! (Even more fun when you get to take your little guy I bet. :) )

PS. I love elephant ears! said...

What a cutie-pie he is!!!
Alisa, AWAA

Jori said...

I LOVE FAIRS!! So much fun! That elephant ear is HUGE!!! Can't go to the fair and not have one!! :):)