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Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday, Daddy --- Love, Baby Nathaniel

Today my Daddy turned 31! He is getting so old!
I got to spend the morning with Daddy, but I was a little cranky. I always am after Sundays cause they are pretty crazy days for just a little boy like me.

My biggest present I gave to my Daddy was lots of yucky diaper changes. :-) Hey, it's not my fault, Mommy keeps feeding me prunes!
Mommy and lots of friends went bowling for his birthday. I wish I was big enough to bowl, but Mommy said no. She said someone might mistake me for the ball!
Then we all went to Red Robin. Mommy and Daddy ate the really good stuff, while I just was stuck with a bottle. Ahhhh, to be old enough for a burger and fries....someday...
Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you!


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