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Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Little Boy!

My 7 Month old little boy! (Ummm...the banana's are an inside joke. He he he!)

Today is Nathaniel's 7 Month Birthday! It is amazing how much he has grown and changed just in the short time we have had him.

Nathaniel truly is an amazing kid. We love him so much. We are truly blessed beyond anything we could ever dream, imagine are even hope to deserve. Thank you Lord!


Yarnsmith said...

He just looks cuter and cuter in every picture! I'm so happy for you 2 and Nathaniel! - Chris G.

Carpenters said...

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Nathaniel! Don't stay up too late partying. Mommy and Daddy need their sleep.

With Love,