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Thursday, January 8, 2009


I keep pinching myself to see if today is little boy is 1 year old!!!! It seems like just yesterday we were picking up our tiny little 5 month old from Ethiopia (actually Saturday marks our 7 month "Gotcha Day" anniversary too!)!
Nathaniel amazes me everyday! I still am convinced that every time he wakes up from a nap he has grown another inch taller...Paul is starting to believe it too! :-) No, we are not crazy.

Here are some pictures of Nathaniel on his first birthday! There will be LOTS more to come today and tomorrow with his 1st Birthday party! Enjoy, and Happy Nathaniel's 1st Birthday to you!!!

My cute little goofball! :-)

Little Birthday Monster. I just love that forehead! :-)

So grown up and tall. My little man!

His "GQ" pose! :-)

I can't imagine my life without this little bundle of cuteness!!!!!!! Momma loves you, bubby-cakes!


Susan said...

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!!! <:-) You are too cute!


Rob & Candy said...

Happy Birthday!!!