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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nathaniel Likes To Move It

Despite Nathaniel's mound of toys, he finds joy in playing with our kitchen stools. As you can see, he gets frustrated when he gets stuck, but quickly figures out how to continue. What you can't see is what happened when I took him away from his fun to go to bed. He threw the biggest fit, complete with screaming and HUGE tears.

Nevertheless, it was fun to watch him problem solve as he moved the chairs around and figured how to get them unstuck. Enjoy!


Jennifer said...

That is one smart, problem solving, industrious baby!!

Eric Plummer said...

He's totally a smart and stable little guy! His cry was adorable!
Miss you guys!

Nunez Family said...

I've had a blast catching up on your blog:) Your family is thriving! Gosh I can't believe how big Nathaniel is..... soooo Cute!!! & I really can't be;ieve he is walking/running. Lots of Love to you guys,