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Friday, October 17, 2008

9 Month Appointment

Today we had Nathaniel's 9 month appointment! I have been excited to see how much he has grown and changed since his last appointment (6 month). Here are his stats:

Weight: 24.6 lbs -- Hello chunky boy! The doctor was very happy to see that he has gained lots of weight and is eating well.

Height: 30 inches -- He is gonna be tall like his daddy!

The doctor seemed very impressed with how active, happy and healthy he was. It really helped us feel like, despite our inexperience, that maybe we are doing good? :-)
The sad part of the appointment was the 4 shots they gave him. :-( It makes me so sad.

Here is a video of Nathaniel enjoying playing with the mirror!

The little trumpet in the picture is Nathaniel's new favorite toy.

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