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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nathaniel Goes To The Courthouse To Get Re-Adopted

This morning at the Jackson County Juvenile Court in Medford, Oregon, Mesfin Paul West became Nathaniel Mesfin Paul West, and is now re-adopted in the State of Oregon.
Here is some pictures from our morning:
Our family in the court room waiting on the judge. Don't we look cute? Even color coordinated (I made my not-so-happy husband go back into the house and change because his 1st outfit didn't match.)
The judge came out and spoke to us for a few minutes.
Then the judge spoke to Nathaniel.
After the judge had signed the official court decree and the pretty certificate of adoption.
The judge was such a good sport and let Nathaniel wear her robe while sitting where she sits.
After the ceremony, we went to the Black Bear Diner to celebrate! Nathaniel was very happy that we were all there to celebrate him... I mean REALLY happy!!!

Thank you to Grandma West, Auntie Shelli and Ms. Mary for celebrating this special day with us!


kangaj1 said...

YAY!!! We're so excited for you all!
Melissa Juvinall

Rob & Candy said...

I love the picture of Nathaniel in the robe!! Maybe some day Nathanielwill be a judge.

Carolyn said...

What a happy day!! Congrats to you all. Makes me anxious to get our children from Zambia.

The Gillman Family said...

Yeah!!! I have really enjoyed watching your journey!!! The robe pic it way cute!!

Kim (YG)

Moviegirl20 said...

Congratulations again! How wonderful for all three of you!

beBOLDjen said...


JacksonFamHappenings said...

These pictures are fabulous! What a wonderful day for you! I laughed when I saw Nathaniel in the judge's robe! That is just too cute!!!

Carpenters said...

Yeah! Congratulations! It must feel so good to have it official. I am so happy for you all.

With Love,