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Monday, December 1, 2008

First Post From My New Computer and Christmas Cards!

After fighting our old laptop for over 6 months (and finding out it would cost more to fix it than get a new one), I braved the crowds on "Black Friday" and stood in line for one of Walmart *fantastic* deals. So I am hoping this will cause me to be more consistent with blog posts. :-)

Here are some pictures! :-)
Chillin' in Daddy's office before Sunday morning service. What a handsome little man. He is growing up so much.
Just the beginning of the "blooper" pictures while trying to get the *perfect* Christmas card photo :-)
What an amazingly patient dog we have. He loves Nathaniel so much too!
Playing peek-a-boo with Chewy's antlers. He eventually broke them which caused an outfit change as shown later. :-)
Trying the picture by himself. The angle is wrong and makes him appear to have huge feet. Oops! :-)
Taking a quick break.
Rudolph's nose feels much better on his gums. All Nathaniel (and Mommy & Daddy) want for Christmas is his top front tooth to finally poke through!
Makes you wonder what is going through the head of our doggy. His eyes say "help me!". :-)

This was the last of the torture for my little boy and his dog. They were such good sports! The winning picture (not posted here) will be in mailboxes all over the states very soon! :-)


Moviegirl20 said...

He is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you, Holly!

Melody said...

So cute! Love the fun outfits!!