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Friday, December 12, 2008

Nathaniel Becomes a Celebrity!!!

Today was a historic day for the West Family! On the Friday episode of the Bonnie Hunt Show (NBC, 12 PM PST), the winning Christmas picture of Nathaniel and Chewy was shown...on National TV!!!!

Her website invites people to upload their Christmas pictures to be shown on the air. Paul told me about it on Monday night, so I did, not thinking anything would come of it. Of all the days to watch the show (I am not usually home during the days), I just so happened to watch it on the right day!

I caught me so off guard that I didn't get it on video. :-( If anyone happens to come across it or taped it, let me know! :-)

Well, since the most adorable Christmas picture of my son was shown on National TV, I decided to post it. :-)


Kari:) said...

You have a star:)) That is so much fun...I bet you were shocked!! WOW
The photo is adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing:)

Moviegirl20 said...

That is so exciting! He is adorable.

small world said...

Awesome!!! Love that boy. How could they not have picked him!!
Love, Theresa

Amanda said...

Did you win anything?! I hope so!

Erica said...

The picture is adorable! I can't believe how much Nathaniel has grown in only 6 months!