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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nathaniel's First Christmas -- Pictures Are Worth A Million Words!

Merry Christmas from our mischievous little love bug!

Grandpa and Nathaniel. It was at Grandpa's house on December 26th that Nathaniel took his first steps on his own!

Grandma's special time was giving Nathaniel his night bottle. He is wearing the cute new pj's from Auntie Heather.

Reading his new book with mom. He loved looking at it and touching the different textures.

Hanging out with Auntie Heather.

Santa put this special bib in Nathaniel's stocking!!!

Daddy decided to "decorate" Nathaniel's face for Christmas...he didn't seem to like it too much.

Nathaniel all dressed up for our special Christmas service. He is so handsome and is looking so grown up!

Nathaniel's first snow experience.

Ummm...I promise it is just water. We are just teaching him young about the good stuff!

Playing with just one of his noisy new toys.

A family tradition was watching "Nester the Long Eared Donkey". Nathaniel loved it!

Again, teaching him young about the important Christmas traditions! :-)

Hanging special ornaments on the tree from Grandpa and Jim.

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