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Monday, May 26, 2008

Have you seen my ticker??????

Umm, did you notice that there is less than 2 weeks until we leave for Ethiopia??? 2 weeks from tomorrow is "Gotcha Day"!!!

I have been trying to check things off my MASSIVE to-do list. Yesterday afternoon and today I scrubbed every inch of my house and vacuumed everything in, but really, EVERYTHING. Yesterday I had my husband holding the vacuum in the air while I vacuumed the ceiling fans. Today I spent over 4 hours (I am not exaggerating) vacuuming our husband says I am nesting. :-) I think I am ok with that!

What is even more exciting is that we got the plane ticket for Nathaniel Mesfin in the mail! It is amazing to see his name on a plane ticket!!!

So here is our flight itinerary:

  • Leaving SeaTac International Airport on Saturday, June 7th @ 7:20 AM
  • Arrive at Dulles International Airport on Saturday, June 7th @ 3:16 PM
  • Leaving Dulles International Airport on Saturday, June 7th @ 8:30 PM
  • Arriving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Sunday, June 8th @ 7 PM


  • Leaving Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Friday, June 13th @10:15 PM
  • Arriving Dulles International Airport on Saturday, June 14th @ 7:55 AM
  • Leaving Dulles International Airport on Saturday, June 14th @ 3:36 PM
  • Arriving at SeaTac International Airport on Saturday, June 14th @ 6:12 PM

We are actually leaving our home on Wednesday afternoon, June 4th, and driving up to Washington to see my family before we leave for Ethiopia!

I promise to post pictures of the packing soon! I actually am having to constantly re-evaluate Nathaniel's luggage again for space (for donations to the Transition Home and gifts for the nannies/guides). We went from only taking 2 luggage pieces total, to taking 2 per person!

Happy week to y'all!


E said...

I brought two pieces of luggage with me (traveling alone there & the two of us home) and I didn't have space for donations. The gifts I brought took up nearly a full luggage.

You guys are flying from the west coast. The east coasters don't know how good they have it! Flying from the southwest made for a very long journey (31+ hours on the way home). When I looked at my layovers on the way home I was like, "Ugh!" Because they were 3 & 4 hours for the two of them, but it ended up working out well for time with diaper changes and customs and everything. We even had one delay and it I didn't feel like we had a lot of time to hang out at the airport. I hope your little guy travels as well as ours did - he was fantastic! Other people had really big problems with too short of layovers - missing flights, etc. (not fun, especially at Dulles - which is a mess and a difficult place to change flights).

Looking forward to reading your packing posts! Happy packing!


Jori said...

YEA! You guys are getting so close! What a journey! We will be having an extra long flight time from Idaho to when we are up but by the time it's our turn I'm sure that won't matter at all!! I can't imagine how excitted you must have been to get his ticket; made it that much more real!! Yea Wests!!! You know I will be stalking for photo's!
Blessings, Jori
WFR 2/19 either x2

Carpenters said...

Oh, I love seeing the pictures of the tickets. Does it make it more real to see those in your hands? I loved getting ours with Josiah's and Alexandra's names. It was a confirmation that they really were coming home. I am so excited for you both!

With Love,

Yarnsmith said...

We are alternately nesting and freaking out. See you in D.C.! And for a million hours on the flight!

the Gardners :)

Jill Coen said...

Holly, you are in the frenzy of preparation and packing for parenthood! Looking back, I think the massive "to do" list is a merciful way to pass the time. One thing I forgot to say I wish I had brought...a little bath thermometer. If you have room. ;)

love, jill

vinceandalisa said...


Dana C said...

Hi Wests! I am so sorry that this is my first chance to connect with you, but we should be getting to know each other really well this coming weekend and upcoming week! Can you believe that we are actually going to Ethiopia! I cannot wait to get to know you...we should have PLENTY of time to know one another on the insanely long flight!

Looking forward to seeing you in DC!

dana cordell