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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Picture Posting Delay...Sorry!

We have not posted pictures yet (as you can see). The email from Terra said: You will need to wait until it has been verified that the approval document has been given to our staff in ET before posting pictures.

With the energy problems they are having, I am still hoping we will get confirmation today...and hopefully know our travel dates?!?!?!

Can this all be real?!? I feel like I am still dreaming!
I PROMISE to post pictures as soon as I can!


Susan said...

Holly, I'm glad to know that you weren't just being mean by with holding the photo! LOL! Hope your paper comes soon so that we can see his precious face!

Love, Susan

Carpenters said...

You're killing me. j/k I can't wait to see your little one. I'll try to be patient.

With Love,

Jori said...

ok. ok! I guess we are waiting, still... Hope you get that ok soon! :):)

Dietrich & Amy Lusse said...

Holly & Paul~
We are so very happy for you!!!!! Thanks for sharing the news...I'm sure you're dying to show of your little man! :) Wow! These power outages are killing us!
Hoping for "soon!" :)
Take care,
Amy & Dietrich

Kiki:) said...

Holly & Paul,
We are so THRILLED for your precious family!! Congratulations on your successful court date!! We were praying for a miracle!! God is so good!!!! We can't wait to see his photo. I think Jill mentioned Zoie and your son looking alot alike:) LOL

Praying for more good news Thursday!