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Saturday, May 3, 2008

What I Woke Up To This Morning!

Paul & I were up late last night, he was working on the yard and burning, and I was washing and organizing Nathaniel's clothes for packing. 2 more days until Court!

At about 12:30 AM I got up to check on the fire pit, and I saw a man out there! I freaked out and woke up my hubby. He quietly looked outside, and laughed when he saw that my best friend and 2 other youth staff members had "blessed us" with toilet paper! Yes, that's right, our yard, porch and van looked like the Charmin factory blew up! We caught the culprits in the act, (well they dropped the rest of the toilet paper and ran) and Paul insisted that he clean it up. I know it sounds funny, but I look at this as a sign that these people really like us!

I didn't get any pictures of it because night pictures don't really turn out that well.

Fast forward to this morning...

Because we were up late (until about 2 AM) waiting for them to come back again, I slept in. When I came out to the living room, looked out the window and discovered this:

All the effort they put into their prank is reduced to a pile of gross toilet tissue! Luckily, we got several unused rolls out of the deal! :-)

I am not sure if you can tell, but we need a ladder to get the TP off our poor tree.


Rob & Candy said...

Oh Holly, you know you are a hit with the youth when they TP your house!
I cannot wait to hear your BIG news and see pictures on Monday

Emmy said...

Weren't we always told that the more TP we used on houses the more we loved our pastor's? :)

and yes, I'm seriously behind on your blog!