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Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacation Part 3 - Auntie Heather, Uncle Alvin & Lois Lane (the Pug)

We drove straight to my sister's & bro-in-law's house the second day driving. We spent several days at their house and had such a great time! I noticed as I was going through my pictures that I don't have any pictures of Alvin. :-( I must be because he was always whipping up incredible dinners for us! (The pictures did not upload in order.)

Auntie Heather bought this shirt for Nate at Pikes Place Market in Seattle!

Auntie Heather enjoying a Pumpkin Cookie

Nate and his Starbucks teddy bear from the Original Starbucks

Nate and Auntie. Do you see the hand on the hip? That is a little boy with attitude!

On the waterfront on Lake Union, waiting for Ivars

A must stop while in Seattle
The sister, me, my mom, Lois Lane (the Pug) and Nate on the Everett waterfront

My beautiful boy!!

Nathaniel LOVED to give Lois kisses!

More kisses

Nate making friends at the park. He is quite the social bug!
The coolest swings I have ever seen! Swinging with Auntie Heather!

Daddy enjoying the swings too!

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