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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Vacation Part 8 - Papa, Grandma & G-G in Oregon

After the trip west and a week with my family, we traveled to Southern Oregon to visit with Paul's family.

Nathaniel loved to go in the spa with Grandma G-G (FYI they set their spa at the temperature of a pool, so it is not hot. I figured mom's like me would want to know that).

Paul's mom celebrated her 60th birthday while we were in Rogue River! We had a "surprise" birthday party for her in the park.

Eating lunch at the Station in Rogue River for Grandma G-G's birthday! The strawberry shortcake it a MUST HAVE!!!!

Nate teaching Grandma G-G how to play xylophone! :-)

G-G teaching Nate how to play the guitar! :-)

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