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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vacation Part 9 - Auntie She-She, Dominic and Desi

Nathaniel LOVES his Auntie She-She and his cousins Dominic and Desi. You can see from their smiles in the pictures that they love him too! :-)

Nate with Autie and Desi

Nate and Desi. Desi was such a good sport! Nate's favorite thing to do was to pull Desi around by the arm. She was such a good cousin!

At Harris beach near Brookings, OR

Looks like Dominic and Desi are playing "Keep Away" with Nate! :-)

With Dominic. Nate just adore's Dominic. A normal conversation always centered around Dominic and how he plays the drums!

Digging in the sand. Yes, that is me. I felt like a little kid again enjoying the beach with my son!

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