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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ethiopia Itinerary!

Here is the itinerary we received this morning for our trip!

Day 1 / Sunday June 8
- Arrive at Bole Airport (AWAA representatives and a driver will pick you up)
- Check in at Hilton hotel

Day 2 / Monday June 9
Morning – meet in lobby at 9:00 am
- Souvenir Shopping!
Afternoon - Lunch at Garden Paradise (included in travel package)
- Go to Transition Home to meet your children!!!!!!!!!!
Evening - Dinner at Fasika for Ethiopian food and cultural dancing (included in travel package)

Day 3/ Tuesday June 10
Morning – meet in lobby at 9:00 am
- tour Robera coffee factory (exports to Starbucks)
Afternoon - Lunch at Metro Pizza (included in travel package)
- Coffee Ceremony and pick up children at Transition Home!!!!!!!!!
- downtime at the Hilton pool area
Evening - 6:00 group dinner at the Hilton (included in travel package)
-Paperwork meeting at 7:30pm (only one parent required)

Day 4/ Wednesday June 11
Morning- on your own at Hilton until we leave for the Embassy
Afternoon – meet in lobby at 12:15
- 1:30 appointment at the US Embassy

Evening - Dinner at Makush Restaurant, meet in lobby at 5:30

Day 5 / Thursday June 12
Morning – meet in lobby at 9:30 am
- spend the morning at Kids Care Orphanage
Afternoon - Lunch at Pizza Deli Roma
- go to Lion Zoo!
Evening – On your own at the Hilton

Day 6 / Friday June 13
Morning – last minute shopping or other activities
Afternoon - Lunch at Kaldi’s
- Downtime at hotel and preparation for departure
Evening - Leave hotel at 6:30 pm. You can eat dinner at the Hilton or at the airport. Check in starts at 7pm, flight leaves at 10:15 pm

We are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Seattle!!! I will be offline a few days! I will be posting for Ethiopia soon!!! I WILL GET TO HOLD AND HUG AND KISS MY SON VERY SOON!!!!



Jill Coen said...

Hey Holly! Woo hoo!!

I know when we were souvenier shopping the morning we were to go get the kids, all I could think about was, "I can't believe I'm shopping. I want my boy!!" We later found out that that children were getting their medicals done for the Embassy, so they weren't at the TH anyway. Probably the same story for ya'll, so sit back, relax and shop away. :)

Rob & Candy said...

Oh my gosh, I started to cry reading your Itinerary! I am SOOO happy for your family.

Susan said...

Have a great trip! This is so exciting!!

Love & Prayers, Susan

Alisa Johnston said...

Oh Holly! I am so excited for you! I am praying!

Alisa from the PW Group!

Jori said...

WOW! So very real when I saw your itinerary pop up! I can not wait to see you ALL together. Very excitted for you and this nourney. Go get him, mama!!
Blessings, Jori

The Gillman Family said...


I can't wait to hear all about this wonderful time - I will be checking your blog often!!!!

Kim (YG)

Carpenters said...

I am so happy for you both, Holly. I love the items in bold. Have a great trip!

With Love,

Debbie Gatch said...

That horrible leaky eye syndrome is acting up again!

I am so happy for all three of you.

Safe jourey and joyful meetings.