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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day 6-15-2008

We had the incredible privilege of spending some time with my dad on Father's Day last Sunday. My aunt & uncle had a get together at their house, just a short distance from the hotel we were staying at.

Nathaniel is the first grandson/great-grandson on my side of the family, and it seemed like such an important time to be with my family. Enjoy the pictures!
Grandpa and Nathaniel
Great Grandparents and Nathaniel
My sister, Auntie Heather, and Nathaniel
Great aunt Barb and Nathaniel (Nathaniel was loving the bright colors on her dress!)
My dad, his 2 Daughters and grandson.

Later on in the evening, we had several visitors at the hotel who were coming to meet Nathaniel. Nathaniel met his first official friend! These pictures are of our college friends from Montana, Rodney and Avrie Stock, and their 3 kids. Their youngest is just 1 month younger than Nathaniel!

This was also of course special because it was Paul's first Father's Day. It is so wonderful to see Paul with Nathaniel. He is such an amazing dad already and he has only just begun.

I snapped this picture of my two fellas taking a snooze.


Dana C said...

Oh how Nathaniel is seeming to thrive at his new house! I love the pictures! He is so happy.

I am glad you all are doing well.
Love you guys!
dana cordell

Carpenters said...

It looks like Nathaniel got some major luvin' from the whole fam on father's day. Happy Father's Day, Paul! The picture of the guys fast asleep is precious.

With Love,

Steve & Anna said...

We are glad Nathaniel is doing well and it is so great to see the pictures of your family welcoming you and Nathaniel home! Praying for your continuing bonding and adjustment,