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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello from Ethiopia!!!

I am not even sure what time it is here or what time my body says it is, but WE ARE IN ETHIOPIA!!!!!!
Other than a 2 hour delay because of thunder and lightening storms that passed through Washington DC, everything went very smooth.
Guess what tomorrow is???? WE GET TO MEET OUR SON!!!!!  I am so excited!!!!
I need to get to bed, but I wanted to let everyone know that we are safe and sound.
Lots of love,
PS Please pray for the Cordells who missed the flight because of delays at another airport.  They will hopefully be here tomorrow!!!  Please pray that they will be here without any other complications!


Danielle said...

SO glad you made it. Thinking of you all so much this week....

Danielle Black (YG)

Katie Redfern said...

Looking forward to lots of pictures & details!!! So glad you're there! :) Have a fantabulous Monday meeting Wesley for the first time!!

Kiki:) said...

We are stalking all your blogs!!!! :)
Thanks for the update on how we can pray!! We can't believe you meet your beautiful son today....well, its 6:18am in Addis!!!
Thanking the Lord you had a safe, good trip there w/ minor delays!
We are praying fervently for all of you.
Keep the updates coming when you can & photos!!! :)

Katie R. said...

OOPS!!! I just realized your son isn't Wesley!! :) oh no! So sorry... I was thinking of the Cox family! I know you guys are adopting Nathaniel--forgive me! (sheepish grin...) big oops.

Cindy Foote said...

Holly - we are praying for you guys. So happy to hear that you are in ET safe and sound. Thank you for letting us know about the Cordells. We will pray for them as well.

Cindy Foote