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Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Doctors Appointment 6-17-2008

Before we left for Ethiopia, we had scheduled a doctors appointment for the first full day we were home. After spending hours with our chosen Pediatrician before we left, we found out that he was going to be gone for the first 4 weeks that we were home...UGH!!!

So after consulting with another family in our town who adopted from China, we ended up at a place called Southern Oregon Pediatrics. The specific doctor we are seeing has experience with Internationally adopted children. Plus they are open on evenings and weekends (which we have been told is usually when you need them the most!).

Of course, I had to photograph Nathaniel's first official weighing and measuring in the US.

This is my long 26.8 inch baby boy!!!

Yes, you are reading right! He is 16 pounds, 1 ounce! He is a healthy baby boy!

**Note to future families: The last update I received from Rachel at the Transition Home (the first week of June) his length was listed as 22.5 inches. The weight of our son that we have received every month since April was 16 pounds. Just FYI to not rely 100% on the measurements that are taken.**

The doctor was WONDERFUL! I have so much confidence in him! He ordered several tests and set us as ease saying that the developmental delays right now are things that Nathaniel will quickly catch up on with the TLC he receives from us! :-)

There were 3 tests ordered that required stool samples (lovely, huh?). What we learned, when you need your kid to poop he won't! We tried hanging around town (about 20 miles from our home) and finally decided to go back for the lab tests the next day with all the necessary "stuff".

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Carpenters said...

He is big. My 10mo Alexandra is just now 18lbs. You're going to develop some great arm muscles carrying your cutie! I'm so glad that you found a good doctor that you like. That's such a blessing.

With Love,