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Friday, June 13, 2008

Final post from Ethiopia!

It seems so unreal that we are really leaving today!  I am SO EXCITED to go home!!!!
This morning we spent almost 3 hours at the US Embassy getting all of the proper documents and the Visa to go home!!  I am so thankful that everything worked out.  Ask me sometime about how much of a miracle it all is quite a story!
Here are some pictures of my little man!
See ya in the states!


The Gillman Family said...

What a doll!!! Nathanial is absolutely a beautiful baby!!!! I am so happy for you and Thank the Lord you are coming home with him on time!!!!

Safe Travels,
Kim (YG)

Carpenters said...

Ugh, you had to spend three hours in the sweltering room? I'm glad to hear that the paperwork finally came through correctly and that you are headed home! Your little one is such a cutie! What a joy it will be to watch him grow.

With Love,

Rob & Candy said...

I'm so glad to hear you are on a plane right now! Yipppeee!


Paul & Holly:
So glad to hear that your paperwork was taken care of and you were able to get on that plane to come home! CANT WAIT to hear the story!!! (hint,hint)


Jori said...

YAY!! So glad to read that you are coming home on time and paperwork is fixed!!! He is so so so CUTE!!! Get some rest and then PICTURES!!!
Blessings, Jori

shaninvb said...

Hi Holly, excited to see everything work out. God is good. The pws are waiting for all of the updates when you have time!