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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love Ya! Tomorrow! You're Only A Day Away! (Maybe?!)

The Good News: Nathaniel's Carbon Dioxide levels are up 2 points.
The Bad News: They are still several points under normal. (Normal is in the 20s, his are at 18)

The Good News: The Doctor said we possibly could go home tomorrow.
The Bad News: This will be the 3rd time we have been told this. All depends on if his levels continue to rise.

The Good News: After over 2 weeks of changing horrible blow out diapers, my son's diapers are almost "normal".
The Bad News: My son LOVES to fill them there diapers! Whew!
The Good News: We continue to bond and fall more and more in love with the most adorable little boy ever.
The Bad News: Uh...hmm can't think of anything bad about that! :-)


Roscoe and Julia Richardson said...


So glad to hear he's coming home soon! We've been following the blog and praying!

Julia (YG)

Andrea said...

Wow, Holly, I just came to check your blog and had no idea Nathaniel was so sick. We are praying for you and are so sorry you have been going through this. He is such a sweet boy and I am praying you are home with him soon! I will be checking in often to see his progress. Miss you!


Carpenters said...

We will be praying that he can come home soon for even more bonding. What a cutie even when he's sick.

With Love,

Chris Biblarz said...

I hope this works...

I was so happy to find your website and hear that you and Paul were "having" a baby!! I am so thrilled for you all.... That is the cutest boy I have ever seen! You are so lucky and blessed, and so is little Nathaniel. Love to you all...
Chrissy, Tim, Jimmy and Veronica