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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nathaniel's sick :-(...Second Doctor's Appointment 6-18-08

We had a tough night with Nathaniel, Tuesday, on into Wednesday morning. He stopped holding anything down and was continuing to have blowout diapers. We could tell something was very wrong and began realizing that he was becoming dehydrated.

Paul called the doctor first thing in the morning and took Nathaniel in. (I was dealing for a really bad head cold and fever, and some really bad stomach issues.)

Probably the most frightening part was discovering that since Tuesday's doctor appointment, he had lost over a pound. He went from 16lbs 1oz - to - 14lbs 9oz. The doctor immediatly put him on a Pedialyte regimen.

When Paul took him to the lab to draw blood for the tests, they had a hard time, mainly because he was dehydrated. He was not happy at all about being poked and threw up the Pedialyte.

After they were finished at the lab, Paul headed on back to the doctor. For the next 1+ hours it was .5 ounces of Pedialtye every 5 minutes, and no formula until Friday. While in the office, there was a parasite discovered in one of the stool samples turned into the lab. It was a parasite called "Cryptosporidium". The parasite is something that normal adults can pass on their own, however, a little baby with a not so good immune system cannot. This would explain a lot (i.e. blow out diapers, not holding down formula, etc.).

The doctor got on the phone with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to discuss treatment and was able to find a liquid medication for it. It wasn't something common so it would take until Thursday to get the medication.

After holding down the Pedialyte, Paul brought Nathaniel home. We were in for a night of little sleep. The Pedialyte is not as filling as formula so he was up about every 2 hours...the joys of parenthood!

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