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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Information

So, the doctor has started Nathaniel on Sodium Bicarbonate to fight the acidosis. It is a 4 dose treatment and he has already finished 2 doses tonight.
They will be taking more blood tomorrow to see the results. It is *very possible* that we could go home tomorrow as long as his levels cooperate, and he is able to maintain the levels without the IV.
Meanwhile, I am seeing my happy, smiley, silly little boy come back to life! We can tell he is feeling better and it is so encouraging so see his face light up.

This picture was taken after we discovered a rash around his next. We think it was the fire retardent that is on the hospital gown. We gave him a bath to clean any off his skin and are now swaddling him tightly in warm blankets.


the Steiger's said...

I wanted to let you know that we are praying for your family.
love, the Steigers

JacksonFamHappenings said...

I have caught up on the blog. Mesfin is in my prayers! He is so adorable I especially love the one of him sleeping in his carseat. No matter the age it is always hard to see our children sick. My thoughts are with you!